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Why Stage Your Home

The way you live in your home and the way you sell your house are two different things. Much like detailing a car prior to sale, Staging a home allows it to put on its best face. Not to be confused with decorating, Staging is about presentation, cleanliness, and drawing positive attention to the space inside. 93% of homes Staged by an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) sell in less than 31 days.

The first step to sell your home is to cut emotional ties, which means temporarily living without your most precious belongings surrounding you. When the house is put on the market, it should be thought of as a product, not a home. Remember we are selling your house not your belongings!

Staging your home is an investment

The investment of Staging your home is less than your first price reduction. At Elegant Concepts I take on each Home Staging assignment as my personal mission to make the house look the best in order to help you get the best price. Once your house has been Staged it not only looks fabulous in person but the pictures used in advertising on the internet will stand out from the rest resulting in more showings and offers coming your way.

It has been found that 87% of buyers look at homes online before even calling a Realtor®. This is significant, and if your pictures look the best, guess who is getting the showings? That is right, you! So, more people viewing the home equals fewer days on the market, which means fewer price adjustments, which means more money in your pocket and fewer mortgage payments made on your home.

Start packing because with me as your ASP Stager, you’ll be moving!

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